09 September 2012

The Longest Catch-up Post EVER

Have you been thinking, "Man the person in charge of the blog hasn't been doing a very good job lately?" Well, you are right! Sorry much hasn't been posted on here (I really am sorry) so here is a big catch up of what has been happening lately...
A while ago we had this epic Hunger Games FHE...

Later that week on Saturday we had the BEST TALENT SHOW EVER. Seriously though. And much more is to come on that in the near future...(an amazing video that recaps the night, get excited.) The stake had a fireside Sunday, which was wonderful (and we have an AMAZING fireside coming up in a couple of weeks, more on that later too) 
The next week's FHE was a swim party at the Sutherlands'...but there wasn't much swimming due to the thunderstorms and what not...
We had a Relief Society Potluck Breakfast one Saturday morning...

Life-skills had their first workshop, mark your calendars, every 4th Sunday they will be having one in the evening. The Service Committee teamed up with the Family Home Evening committee and we had FHE at the Bishops Storehouse (great job, Robin!)

The Temple Committee continues to do an awesome job, Ward Temple Night is the second Tuesday of every month, but don't forget that you can go every Tuesday morning to the 6 am session with Bishop! The Activities Committee has also been nice and busy, we will have an activity this Saturday and Stake Softball will start in October. Every Thursday there is Stake Volleyball at the Institute Building. The stake held a super wild and crazy dance on Friday night, trust me, if you weren't there you missed out! (Thanks to the Reeves for being there!) 

The Linger Longer Committee put on another awesome Linger Longer today, thanks to the Banks for helping out!

And tonight we have a CES fireside being broadcast to the Institute Building at 7 with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve. And that is all for now! 
Just kidding, ps a big congratulations to Braxten, Courtney and Tiffany who are all recent converts, we are so happy for each of you and glad to have you in the ward!

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